Mirna Wilches

Mirna Wilches handles the most complicated cases of the law firm at the present time because of her ability, experience and knowledge in the labour matters, but also for her career in areas such as administrative and tax law.

Additionally, Mrs. Wilches is an expert in handling the administrative procedure before the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which is a very rare feature especially for the complexity and technique that requires. Her success is due to her extensive knowledge and experience needed for the management of labour administrative processes, as well as for her ability to handle this kind of cases from a dual perspective, taking into account administrative law and labour law. This ability is very rare, since in Colombia, lawyers dedicated to this matter just focus on labour legislation, and ignore the administrative component involved.

The abovementioned can be reflected in the fact that she handled over 800 lawsuits from public entities on labour issues in the past year.

Additionally, she is also recognized as an expert on tax aspects of employee payroll.