Labor law and Social security

Our firm has the expertise to legally assist and provide employment law advice on a wide array of aspects concerning individual work relations, such as remuneration systems, labor journeys and desalarization schemes. We also have extensive experience structuring voluntary retirement plans, handling acquisition processes and companies liquidation proceedings.

In addition, the firm has an in-depth familiarity with the social security system in Colombia. We provide legal counsel on matters concerning work accidents, occupational illnesses and retirement plans; old age, disability and survivors’ pensions as well as matters related to share-ability and compatibility of pensions and indexation of the first pension payment.

Labor Audit

Review, verification and analysis of companies’ legal labor aspects such as payrolls, self-liquidations or contributions to the social security system, contracts, vacations, final liquidations of social benefices, processes, regulations, severance systems.

Collective Labor law

We counsel companies to have proper relations with union organizations and provide assistance on collective negotiation processes which are mainly developed by companies, unions and non-unionized personnel.

Our service encompasses all the stages of the negotiation, starting from the very structure of the negotiation strategy, including our active participation in face-to-face negotiations and our support on every aspect concerning the drafting as well as signature of collective labor agreements, collective bargaining agreements or such like accords. Additionally, our services comprise companies’ representation on strike actions, illegal shutdowns or stoppages and elaboration or implementation of contingency plans. We are also specialized in submitting requests to obtain companies’ closures, mass layoffs and declarations of the illegality of strikes.  

Ordinary and Special Processes

We represent our clients in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings related to any aspect of employment law. We also deal with administrative actions to defend and protect our clients’ interests and rights affected by individual work relations.


We have the expertise as well as the experience required to assist and represent our clients before the Supreme Court of Justice, specifically before the Labor Cassation Chamber. We present such claims on behalf of our clients as well as exceptions on the cases presented against them.

Constitutional actions

The firm has extensive and reliable experience defending companies and clients on constitutional claims. We provide support on Actions of Guardianship and Compliance, as well as group and popular actions. Besides this, we represent our clients’ interests to file claims before competent constitutional judges. Our interdisciplinary team combines different legal areas to guarantee the best and most efficient management of their interests.

Health jurisdiction strategy

The firm has developed a unique strategy that goes beyond legal labor advices to respond to one of the main problems affecting the companies in Colombia.